Brush Up on Your FAQs   Toothbrush-and-toothpaste

  1. Pre-requisites (you can find the syllabus on the website)
    1. A typical timeline for Pre-Dental students is found under the “Information & Opportunities” tab on the website.
    2. It is highly recommended to visit your Pre-Dental Advisor for any questions/ concerns or to work out a schedule specific for you.
    3. Some dental schools accept Advanced Placement (AP) Credits while others don’t. Please be sure to look up each school’s requirements for details on AP credits.
  2.    Shadowing
    1.    How to begin
      1. Search possible dentists you want to reach out, form a letter or deliver a message over the phone about yourself. Indicate that you are a pre-dental student and would like to gain shadowing experience if the dentist would not mind having you observe. You can walk in and drop off a letter or leave a message, but try as many places as possible until someone finally says yes!
    2.    Where to go
      1. Decide with the dentist on the dates and hours that you will come in ahead of time. Keep a journal about all of the procedures you observe and learn about. When the dentist has the time to talk to you ask lots of questions, be pro-active, and you can learn a lot!
  3.    Majors
    1. Q: What major should I have?
      1. Your major can be anything that you want it to be. You just need to make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites necessary to be considered for dental school as an applicant.
  4.    Advisers:
    1. Q: Who is the Pre-Dental Advisor?
      1. Dr. Thomas Abbott
    2. Q: Where do I go to schedule an Appointment with my advisor?
      1. Schedule a meeting with our Pre-Dental Advisor Dr. Abbott through the Nexus appointment maker https://nexus.uconn.edu. Make sure to click on the Pre-Professional (Pre-Law and Pre-Medicine/Dental) option and fill out necessary information.
    3.  Q:  How often should I schedule an appointment with my Advisor?
      1. Meet with Dr. Abbott at least twice a semester to ensure you are on track. Any questions you may have that may not necessarily be required feel free to use the Pre-Dental Student Advisors. Contact them at uconnpredent@gmail.com.
  5.    Salary
    1. http://www1.salary.com/Dentist-Salary.html
  6.    Membership
    1.    How do I become a member
      1. Fill out the membership form, pay the $25 dues for the year, and attend ½ of the meetings and one outside involvement event
      2. the outside event can be any sort of volunteering related to pre-dental, getting involved in the events the society shares, and even attending an officer’s dinner.
  7.    Applications
    1.    What is a composite letter and do I need one?
      1. A composite letter (or committee letter) is a letter of recommendation provided by your pre-dental advisors (Dr. Abbott and Dr. Sanford). In this letter, the advisors consult all of your letters of recommendation from your professors, bosses, shadowed dentists, research faculty, etc, and write an all-encompassing letter. They use the other letters as reference and use their personal knowledge of your character and academic ability to construct the composite letter (this is why getting to know your advisors is CRUCIAL). Many schools accept composite letters, and some require them (UConn requires). In order to find out more information about the composite letter and apply to have one written, please visit: http://premed.uconn.edu/2015/03/02/2016-applicants-composite-letter-registration/
    2. By when should I submit my application?
      1. The AADSAS application opens on either June 1st or June 2nd every year. It is important to get your application in AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE because dental school applications and admissions are ROLLING (this means that the earlier you apply, the earlier the admissions staff look at your credentials and the earlier you can be interviewed/accepted. The earlier you get your application in, the better chance you have of getting in to dental school! The deadline for applications is February 2nd, but you should not wait past November to submit your application or your chances are significantly decreased. Here is a blank copy of the application for you to get a head start: AADSAS Blank Application
    3. What if I can’t afford the application fees?
      1. AADSAS has a fee waiver program if you are unable to afford the application fees. This can significantly help with the application cost.
  8.     Important Links:
    1. DAT
    2. AADSAS
    3. ASDA
    4. ADEA Go Dental
    5. Explore Health Careers
    6. Student Doctor Network
    7. ADEA Guide to Dental Schools
    8. Prometric
    9. UConn Career Services
  9. Meetings
    1. Q: When and where do PDS meetings take place?  
      1. A: Meeting details can be found on the UConn Pre-Dental Website.
    2. Q: What if I miss a meeting?
      1. A: If you miss a meeting for a good reason, be sure to either fill out an “Absence Form” (also found on the UConn Pre Dental Website) or let the Webmaster know. The PDS Website also has a “Minutes” tab which allows members to access brief summaries of what the meetings entail
  10. Research/ Summer experience
    1. Research is not required but it can help students become stronger applicants, if interested reach out to professors via email, learn about the research they are doing,  and find out if there are any positions available. Some universities have summer research programs as well, so search the internet!
    2. Do something that you are passionate about if you have the time in the summer, whether that be working, volunteering, etc.. it does not have to be related to dentistry but it can show dental schools that you have passions and interests and pursue them.
  11. Activities and Volunteering
    1. Check the tab in the website under “EVENTS” in order to learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved in
    2. Every year there are dental service trips hosted by dental schools that bring undergraduate students along as volunteers.
    3. Oral Health Presentations
    4. Check for pre-dental Days hosted by dental schools or any summer programs for pre-dental students to gain exposure
    5. Attend dental/pre-dental conferences and volunteer dental clinics
  12. Specialties:
    1. Q: What are all the dental specialties?
      1. http://www.ada.org/en/education-careers/careers-in-dentistry/dental-specialties/specialty-definitions (descriptions of each can be found here)