Pre-Dental Society

About Us

The UConn Pre-Dental Society is dedicated to helping students reach their goals in the field of dental medicine.

The purpose of the Pre-Dental Society is to provide students interested in a career in dental medicine with the opportunity to participate in educational, community, and social activities that will enhance their knowledge of the profession and assist them in becoming excellent applicants to dental school. Membership is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate students at the University of Connecticut who are interested in pursuing a career in dental medicine.

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CT Mission of Mercy 2020

Sign up now for the 2020 CT Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic here

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Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Office

The UConn Pre-Dental Advisor

Dr. Thomas Abbott

To schedule a meeting with the Pre-Dental Advisor, please visit nexus.uconn.edu and select "Pre-Professional"  from the menu.

The other Pre-Medicine/Dental Advisors are:

Dr. Keat Sanford
Dr. Joseph Crivello

Student Advisors

President: Cody Johnson
Vice President: Christopher Thompson

Please email uconnpredent@gmail.com for any Pre-Dental Related Questions